Vape Juice

Whether you live in Cambridge, study at the university or live next to the River Cam which is approximately 50 miles north of London, there are plenty of places to find amazing vape juice in Cambridge. It’s been two weeks since I was at Cambridge visiting, and I have truly discovered that Cambridge is a place in the United Kingdom that I am truly fond of. There are so many bicycles everywhere I wonder how on earth cars can navigate this very small and overcrowded place. What I wanted to do is sit down and vape on that day I was carrying with me – a bubblegum flavour given to me by a friend. I have to say I really enjoyed everything I tried. It really did help me drive through this crazy bicycle world. While I was walking to visit a friend, I decided to take the opportunity to expand my vaping knowledge I went down the High Street and look for local vaping stores. Naturally I went to Google Maps to help me locate the nearest one. I was 20 metres away from the nearest one so and I went. Clouds everywhere this is home.

As I took my MOD out of my pocket I recalled the days when I used to smoke and carried that god awful stench like Parker Pearce when he hosted the first game of Association football. Luckily I was not governed by the early modern or mediaeval laws that plagued 20th-century Britain. Upon taking my first inhale in the store, a guy walked up to me and asked how to add nicotine shots – always help a brother out.

I think I have discovered that I have a certain addiction to coffee flavoured vape juice. I love cappuccinos and express host caramel and all kinds of beautiful delicious South American cocoa beans. While the thickness of coffee clouded my mind the thickness of the clouds themselves were present in the bakeshop were overwhelming so I left to venture another journey in Cambridge.

As I walked down the River Cam I realise the man using a vape pen so I stopped and started a conversation with him about football but he wasn’t interested in football I wanted to talk to me about vaping. I asked him which juice he was vaping and he told me that it was a fruit flavour of berries and grapes at 20 mg of nicotine. He also told me that it was a nicotine salt and that he had purchased it from the local vape shop here in Cambridge.

While my trip to Cambridge was beneficial what I realised is that the convenience of buying online far outweighed the inconvenience of planning a trip into Cambridge town I am not too sure if this is because of the early industrial era in which Cambridge expanded rapidly thus leading to a surplus in shops thus leading to very busy periods in the day whereby shopping is extremely inconvenient. For this reason when I decide to buy baked juice in Cambridge or anywhere else in the United Kingdom for that matter I always buy vape juice online.

Whether you’re new to Cambridge or new to vaping there is a lot to be said about local discovery on one hand and online discovery on the other hand. If you would like to see the sights then I would recommend taking a stroll wearers if you would like to save time and money I would recommend shopping online. In a world of increasing supply the choices have been greater than ever and you are able to make a much more informed decision if you look in the right places.

When buying vape juice online the things that you should consider are the price, delivery speed, packaging, recent reviews and friends recommendations. Whilst in Cambridge I found 100 mL for an average price of £22 where as online I found that same 100 mL for £12. This is a substantial percentage decrease in the price of e-Liquid and should certainly be considered when purchasing a e-Juice. Whenever you do purchase e-Juice just think yourself could I get this any cheaper elsewhere. However at the same time you should also consider the source of the product and consider whether the products have traded many hands before arriving at your doorstep. There are many popular brands but there are also lots of independent e-Liquid manufacturers that you may choose from. This can come with the benefit of a reduced price whilst maintaining a high quality because many independent manufacturers value quality over quantity. This is not dissimilar to many global manufacturers however whilst I was in Cambridge I stumbled upon a independent manufacturer too was willing to meet me and hand me over the vape juice rather than receiving it from an anonymous source.

Next time I go to Cambridge I will certainly take my vape pen as well as my MOD for discreet vaping purposes. I tend to choose higher VG ratios when using my MOD and lower PG ratios when using my POD device. The mix between high and low VG/PG ratios in Cambridge was surprisingly astute and I sincerely hope to return to try all of the vape juice flavours that I did not get a chance to try in my last trip.